Munro Academy is an independent private university-preparatory Christian School serving students from any faith background or none. At Munro, we are passionate about cultivating a learning community through which students will be equipped to thoughtfully impact their local and global contexts in whatever sector they choose to serve. Our school is set apart by our small class sizes (10:1 student, teacher ratio), a uniquely supportive educational environment, global connections and caring staff.

Munro Academy is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), a global educational association representing over 24,000 schools and 5.5 million students globally. Munro Academy graduates meet or exceed the Nova Scotia Department of Education academic requirements.

Munro Academy has grown into two vibrant campuses: Balls Creek (elementary) and Northside (middle school, high school, ELC). Grades pre-primary to five are housed at the beautiful Balls Creek campus. Our spacious Northside campus (about a 12 minute drive from the elementary campus) in Sydney Mines is home to Munro’s middle school and high school and the Munro Academy Early Learning Center - a fully licensed daycare for infants, toddlers and preschool students. In addition to local students, we also welcome international students from all over the world. This combination of cultures infuses our school with diversity, acceptance, and plenty of opportunities to learn from fellow students.

Munro was established in 2009 by a group of families who were committed to the vision of offering a transformative educational experience to students. From its humble beginnings the school has experienced rapid growth, beginning in a rented space in Sydney Mines with 17 students, moving to the newly renovated Balls Creek campus in 2015, adding international student programming in 2016, expanding to the Northside Campus campus in 2018, and launching the Munro Academy Early Learning Centre in 2019.

How Did Munro Academy Get Its Name?

Munro Academy is named after a school that was originally established on Boulardarie Island (Cape Breton) in the 1800’s which took the revolutionary step (for that era) of educating Catholic and Protestant students together.

At Munro Academy We Seek To:

  • Develop world-changers!
  • Encourage students to become their best academically, socially and spiritually.Inspire students to learn and love learning.
  • Cultivate critical thinking and disciplined responsibility.
  • Provide a supportive, loving educational community where healthy life and relational choices are modeled and made.
  • Educate students from any faith background or none from a distinctly Christian worldview.
  • Provide opportunities for students to decide to follow Jesus and to grow through discipleship and service.
  • Partner with parents and churches in the educational process.
  • Promote Christian unity in Cape Breton.

OUR Mission

Munro Academy, established in 2009, is distinguished by small class sizes, Christian worldview integration, life changing global service opportunities and a uniquely positive environment. Our mission is educational excellence with a Christ-centered worldview.​