Please email copies (no originals) of the following to:

  • Completed Application Form (see below)
  • Birth certificate (copy only)
  • Passport (copy only)
  • Official transcripts (1-2 years), plus grades in progress

  • English Proficiency tests
  • Any educational or psychological tests completed in the past three years

Once all documents have been received:

  • During the application process, you will be contacted to arrange a time for a remote information session and to make arrangements for an English Assessment. The English Assessment will take approximately an hour and will happen several days later.
  • MA Admissions team will review all application documents and a response (Letter of Acceptance, etc.) will be emailed to you within 1-2 weeks. 


Acquire your Canadian Student Permit: We strongly recommend that you have an educational agent to assist you with the application and study permit application process. Your agent will direct you as to the required documents and next steps in obtaining a study permit. If you do not have an agent, contact your nearest Canadian Consulate or Embassy to arrange an appointment. Bring your acceptance letter and all supporting documents. If you have additional questions, please visit Canadian Immigration online. Once your student visa is approved, we will communicate next steps for travel and orientation, and welcome you to Munro Academy.


Health insurance is important if you are coming to study in Canada. A hospital stay in Canada can cost over $3,000.00 per day and a doctor's visit over $300.00 for a non-Canadian resident. "Visitors to Canada" insurance will cover hospital charges, physicians' fees, prescriptions and more in the case of a covered medical emergency. For more information visit our partner: Ingle International.


Munro Academy considers that any student coming to us on a study permit and carrying a foreign passport is an international student and will be subject to international student tuition fees. Furthermore, any student coming as part of our International Family Program, whose parents are on any temporary permit - visitor, study, work - will be subject to international student tuition fees. Students with Canadian citizenship or Permanent Residency are eligible for local tuition levels.

Full Year Program 
Registration: $300
Tuition: $16,800
Homestay: $950/month X 10 months

International Baccalaureate
+ $2,250

International Family Program


​Please note, these forms are fillable pdf's* and we would request that you complete them using this capability.

Homestay Forms

Help us to get to know you so we can put you with the Homestay family that is best suited to you.

Homestay Student Profile

  1. Click on the form link using Google Chrome, Safari, or download the form and open in Adobe Reader.
  2. In the window that opens, position your cursor in any field and begin typing.
  3. Tab to the next field or reposition your cursor in another field.
  4. Save the completed form to your computer then send the form to as an attachment.
  5. Or print the completed form and send to one of our addresses below. Please make sure content in each box is readable.