The Munro Academy Elementary (Grades Pre-Primary-5) is located at the scenic Balls Creek Campus. Our elementary campus is known for its small class sizes, Christian worldview integration, compassionate teaching staff and academic rigor to provide an unrivaled learning experience at this formative age level.

We are passionate about preparing students for success in future grades while also allowing them to gain confidence, independence and curiosity in a safe and positive environment. Fostering academic growth, spiritual growth and emotional growth is an important component to our elementary school. Students learn starting from pre-primary how to become leaders with passion and purpose in their school as well as within their communities.


Munro Academy utilizes a combination of academically rigorous and rich curricula which follows the outcomes set by the Nova Scotia Department of Education so that students are able to meet and often exceed provincial outcomes at their grade level. Small class sizes help teachers to give more one on one specialized attention in order to meet their students' needs.

In addition to Bible, math, science, language arts, French, history and geography, students take enrichment coursework in Fine Arts, service, drama & physical education.

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Balls Creek Campus 

Virtually walk our hallways and get a feel for our school! A school tour in person is the best way to discover everything Munro Academy has to offer. Make an appointment to visit our school, drop in to a class, and meet the people who make MA the school that students and parents love. We look forward to meeting with you.

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Activities include, Soccer, Board Game Club, Ukulele Club, Running Club, Arts and Crafts Club and so much more!


I love Munro Academy! It's a great school to really be yourself. I've had lots of opportunities to grow closer to God and make lots of great friends. It's a very safe school to be yourself and there are lots of clubs and other things to do for fun. I highly recommend this school!
~ Sadie (Grade 5 student)
Munro Academy is a great school. Being here helped me get closer to God. It's a great place to make friends and catch up with old friends. I learn new and interesting things every day!
~ Elsie (Grade 5 student)
I like my school because the teachers are fun and the students are nice. The teachers always answer our questions. My favourite subjects are drama and math. I like math because we learn fractions and fractions are fun.
~ Dolapo (Grade 3 student)
I love my school because all the teachers and kids are nice. I love science - you learn lots in science and math class. The playground has lots of cool things to play with and the soccer club is nice. It's a really good school and everyone likes to play with each other.
~ Nathan (Grade 1 student)
We get the stuff that we need to help us. When we need extra help or don't understand something the teachers will pull us aside and help us to understand it. I really like that. The teachers get to know us and can tell when our minds just need a break and will take us outside if we need to clear our heads.
Annah-Clare (Grade 5 student)
The small numbers at Munro make the school like a little family which is awesome. My son knows kids in every grade!My favourite thing about Munro Academy is the love, faith, and acceptance that is shown by all children and staff.
Kristi Evans-Bragg (Elementary parent)


Meet our amazing teachers and staff.


Acting Elementary Principal and Resource


Administrative Assistant and Music


Pre-Primary and Primary


Grade 1-2


Vice-Principal and Grades 3


Grade 4-5




Creative Arts and Drama




Note: For information about international student admission please view our International Admissions page.

We desire to make your process of inquiry and application as simple and straightforward as possible. We encourage you to make an appointment to speak with our Director of Admissions, through the school office.  The Director of Admissions will help answer any questions you may have about our programs and school.