Munro Academy is a private university preparatory Christian school located in the heart of beautiful Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. Munro Academy distinctives include award winning and innovative education, integrated Christian worldview, unrivaled student-teacher ratios, dynamic co-curricular activities, a distinguished university placement record and global service opportunities.

Munro Academy students love living and learning on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia! Known globally for its forested beauty, Cape Breton Island has received accolades as the top island destination in North America (Travel and Leisure Magazine’s “2011 World’s Best Awards”). Munro Academy is located on a beautiful wooded 4 acre campus only minutes from the city of Sydney at the heart of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM). As the intellectual and industrial hub of Cape Breton, the CBRM is home to the Sydney Airport, Cape Breton University, the municipal government and a vibrant international tourism industry. Students enjoy many activities locally including swimming, golfing, surfing, ice- hockey, downhill and cross-country skiing, camping, canoeing and hiking.




Learn the many reasons why Munro Academy is a great choice for International students who want to improve their English language skills. Download our International brochure. Download the MA brochure.

Full-Year Integrated International Program

Our full-year program prepares students for academic success in school and university. The student takes regular high school credit courses along side their ESL classes which allows the student level of English reading, writing and speaking skills to excel.

International Family Program

Munro Academy’s International Family Program allows mothers and/or fathers to accompany their child(ren) to Munro Academy’s full English immersion elementary schooling program in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada!

University Bound Program

Munro Academy international students have the best opportunity for excellent university success through the University Bound Program! Almost 100% of Munro Academy graduates are successful each year in pursuing a variety of programs at excellent universities, many also receiving significant scholarships. Two more local programs that offers graduates excellent opportunities include:

  • Munro Academy University Pathway Program offers graduates who have successfully completed requisite high-school courses with required grade levels an unconditional acceptance upon graduation to Cape Breton University.
  • Students in Grades 11 or 12, who meet certain academic criteria may take university courses at Cape Breton University and earn university credits. These same credits may be used towards their high school graduation requirements as well. This program gives Munro students a tremendous advantage.


Munro Academy’s international students consider their homestays as their “home away from home.” These homes provide warmth and support and independence for the students. They are encouraged to be involved in family life and activities as they are able. All of our homestay families have been approved by the school and are caring, safe, and traditional Canadian families. Students will improve their English skills more effectively living in this type of supportive immersion environment. All students will have their own living space, 3 well-balanced meals per day, transportation to and from school, and all families live within a short distance from the school.

Why Choose Munro Academy?

International Care Package 

Munro Academy students benefit from the International Care Package! Munro Academy provides students with comprehensive care including:

  • Full ESL support and Canadian cultural orientation including experiential learning opportunities
  • Additional personalized academic support through tutoring outside the classroom, academic counselling, and co-curricular activity support
  • Health Insurance is included in tuition fee structure
  • Career assessment and university placement counselling throughout middle school and high school
  • International activities and immersion programs​.

ESL Student Support 

Munro Academy international students are fully supported with their English learning! Munro Academy’s ESL Program is designed to prepare students for practical and academic success in high school and university. This immersion program covers all subject areas and focuses on English reading, writing and speaking skills. Our integrated content model of ESL will assist each student with both their subject-related learning and English mastery. A dedicated international student director will ensure that each student is successfully progressing in all areas of English learning.



Munro Academy welcomes students from all over the world. Our International Spotlight gives you a glimpse into the experience of MA international students.

International Student Testimonials

Hear what our international students have to say about Munro Academy.

One day I would like to be a flight attendant. Studying abroad and improving my English will help me to discover my dreams in the future.

~ Luna (aka YeRyung), age 16 – Tokyo, Japan

The students and teachers are really friendly and receptive. Although some subjects are really hard for me, teachers will help me to solve the problems."
 ~ Charles (aka Ruolong Tu), age 15 – Wuhan, China

I love MA so much.This is such a great school and I have so many things that I love about here. The biggest reason is because of all the people here at school. All the teachers are very loving and supportive, and students here are such great students. I have never had this much support and dedication from anywhere or anyone as much as I do here. I feel very safe and comfortable. Teachers here will actually try to get to know and care about you. They are always willing to help and explain to you until you understand and make sure you are doing alright. This school is the best environment to be in for learning and growing as a person.

~ Maho – Hokkaido, Japan
Munro Academy is a Christian school that is filled with love and caring . . .the students are really cooperative and friendly, and most of my classmates are very positive and helpful. I remember the first day I came to Munro Academy, students talked to me when they saw I was alone, and I felt welcoming and warm. . . my school life in Munro Academy is airy and flawless.
~ Aphoro – Hong Kong