Why Donate? Here's Why!

In some provinces, private schools or parents choosing to homeschool their children receive money from the government. This is not so in Nova Scotia. Munro Academy would not exist but for the steady, sacrificial donations of faithful supporters who believe in Munro's vision to create a "new normal". The figures below reflect cost versus income from tuition. 

Will you help this "new normal" for Cape Breton children thrive?

$13, 135

Cost per child in
the Nova Scotia Public
School system.


Operational Expenses
per child at

Munro Academy.


Tuition received for
first child/family

at Munro Academy.


Cost of a happy child
doing well.




Munro is about transformation: hearts and minds first and foremost, but also buildings. The neighbours of both campuses see first hand what injecting new life into old, surplus buildings looks like in their communities. There are many upgrades still needed at the North Side campus. Will you help with these CAPITAL COSTS?


Munro puts environmental stewardship as a priority. The Balls Creek campus has a biomass burner and PV solar panels. We are in the process of upgrading the heating system on the Northside, pursuing solar and heat pump options there. Will you help us become even GREENER? 


Our mandate is for Munro to be accessible to as many students as possible. To this end, the Board works hard to remove financial hardships whenever possible, including keeping tuition low for everyone and providing bursaries based on financial need. Will you help keep our school diverse by building a BURSARY FUND for those with financial barriers?


The Munro Academy School Bus is a well-used source of life every school day. While this busing service is offered to families with a fee, it is not without significant initial and ongoing costs. Will you help us offset these expenses?


Since 2016, over $740 000 has been raised in donations from a small but mighty group who believe in what Munro is doing in the lives of students and families. Without this financial support, Munro would not exist. Will you join this generous group of supporters?


Tax donation receipts will be issued for donations of $20 or more.

Donate by Cheque

You can donate to MA by sending a cheque (or delivering it personally) to one of our school offices. In the "Memo" section of the cheque please specify which program you would like your donation to be designated. 

Donations may be designated to:

  • Transformation Capital Campaign
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Bursary Fund
  • School Bus Fund
  • Annual Fund

Munro Academy Mailing Addresses

Munro Academy
Balls Creek Campus
167 Campbell Road
Balls Creek, NS B2A 4L6

Munro Academy
Northside Campus
2 School Street
Sydney Mines, NS  B1V 1R3

Donate by E-Transfer

You can now donate to MA by sending a donation through your banking institution. Just add Munro Academy as a recipient and use the email address:   donate@munroacademy.org

Please communicate clearly the details for the funds. Include the following details:

  •  Your name 
  • What the money is for: 
    • Transformation Capital Campaign
    • Environmental Stewardship
    • Bursary Fund
    • School Bus Fund
    • Annual Fund

  1. Where an area is not designated, funds will be directed to the areas of greatest need.
  2. Please ensure that the school has your mailing address so a tax receipt can be issued at the end of the year. Please send your contact info to: info@munroacademy.org
  3. Please provide the school with the e-transfer password so we can accept the donation. Please forward the password of your choice in the email with your contact info or call the school office phone (902) 241-5090.

Donate by Automatic Withdrawal

You can now donate to MA through automatic withdrawal. Request a Pre-authorized Payment Form or an Automatic Withdrawal Form from your banking institution and submit it to the MA office in person.