Munro Academy’s International Family Program allows mothers and/or fathers to accompany their child(ren) to Munro Academy’s full English immersion elementary schooling program in beautiful Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada!

What does the International Family Package include?

International Students at Munro Academy are given full academic and English language support. International Students meet daily one-on-one or in a small group setting with trained, certified ESL teacher(s) who also support them in their content classes and with their homework. When needed, academic expectations are modified to accommodate the English Language Learner.

Tuition: 1st Child - $13,100

Registration: $100/student 

Settlement Fee (Optional): $1500

Includes finding housing in advance of arrival, support with vehicle purchase/lease, insurance, utilities, airport pick-up, etc. (Please see “Settlement Services” section for details.)

Settlement Services

MA Settlement Service provides assistance for study abroad students and accompanying families for a stable life in Canada. We do our best to help students and parents settle in as quickly as possible and without any difficulties.


Finding Rental Property
  • Searching for rental property 
  • Providing information and photographs of houses for rent: House condition, surrounding neighbourhood and amenities, time of commute, etc. 
  • Signing rent contract: Must pay one month rent and one month deposit

  • Electricity, Phone, Gas, Internet, Cable TV 
  • Driver’s license authorization (if needed)


Airport Pickup 

  • SUV/Van pickup (Maximum 5 passengers) 
Basic Duty 
  • Phone registration 9 Purchasing map and navigation 
  • Purchasing pay-later international call card 
  • Accompanying and purchasing basic necessities 


  • Assisting opening of new Canadian bank account
Information on specialized shopping centres
  • Furniture: Visit to specialized stores
  • Electronics: Best Buy
  • School Supplies: Staples
  • Basic Necessities: Wal-Mart, Superstore, etc.
  • Groceries: Superstore, Sobeys, etc.

Car Purchasing

  • Accompanying car purchase according to length of visit, budget, etc.
Driver’s License
  • Assisting and providing translations for driver’s license exchange at province of NS (Must bring current license, Notarized translation, Visa)
Car insurance
  • Assisting car insurance application process * Must bring an English version of Zero-accident Certification from current insurance company.


  • Making appointment and accompanying to downtown customs office, in the case of international move
  • Directions to school, library, community center, shopping centre etc.
  • Information on additional academic supports and tutors in the area

Rent Assistance

  • Connecting and using the security entrance codes
  • Taking care of garbage: Location of garbage bin and recycling methods
  • Using basic home appliances (Appliances: Refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, washer, dryer)
  • Applying for home insurance

Information on Daily Life

  • Accompanying to nearby community center, library and programs (Provide assistance on applying for library card and community)
  • Registering check and making payment for rent
  • Finding way with a map
  • Filling car gas
  • Information on family and walk-in clinics